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My friend has become a flake regarding the 2000 Civic he was going to sell me, so I'm looking for a newer car before it gets cold out which is post 2000, four door sedan, auto, full loaded under $10,000. Or a new economy car - think of one which an old lady would drive. Actually, I can't say I drive like an old lady. If anything, they are the ones passing me for driving too slow and giving me the finger on their way to church. A new no frills car would also be ok. I'm looking for things like warranty, reliability, and all those practical things. Any leads would be much appreciated.
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I'm selling my 91 Civic at some point. No warranty or reliability :)
Check out the used car superstore, those guys are really awesome to deal with my parents love them and so do a number of my friends. I haven't personally had any problems with Performance Kia, but I've heard of a whole lot of bad experiances, so it may be best to steer clear of them. But DEFINATELY check out the UCS. And if your looking for fuel economy, on todays market your best bet is probably going to be a Kia. Little 4 banger that put puts like a John Deer, not flashy but they get the job done, Rio specifically comes to mind...or a Hyundai...hyundais are economy class too, without being you know ridiculously teeny tiny
Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!

These Rios seem to have the specs I'm looking for. "No frills" or "just basics" would describe what I'm looking for.

The warranty would need to be good though, and dealt with without any problems if I were to buy new. I will check out UCS tomorrow.

It would be nice if my friend found a new car so he could sell me his Civic though. The price is right and I've only heard good reviews for the 2000 version of the Civic. Seems like a nice looking reliable car.

2000 Green Honda Civic

Thanks for the leads.
I've never been a civic fact I kinda hate imports. But to each thier own, I'm not gonna dis em totally they just arn't for me. You'll be able to get an after market warrenty on almost any used car 2000 and newer. Just make sure you check out the body, take a GOOD look. New cars are more...fragile, than older beasts.
LOL @ "beasts".

Well - I just want value. My car cost me $900 and has lasted me three good years. I put work into it, but other than the ripoff at Canadian Tire (all of which was needless work), I only put around $1,500 in, if that. So for $2,400 I had a car which lasted three years and can probably last three more.
awesome stuff lol
you don't know me LOL but your on a friends list of mine...I would NOT go to UCS...when i was looking, they yanked me around ALOT (perhaps being a single younger woman had something to do with this) and the one 4 door hyundai accent i was looking at buying, they would not drop the price and when i asked about repairs...they said was a 2 year old car should have ever needed ty rods unless the crap was driven out of it...i later found out from someone who worked in the back, that the car had the crap driven out of it and they often have cars come in that are absolute crap and fix them up. Kia's are crap. period. I also learned this with alot of asking around and alot of reading. Theres a reason they come with a 5 year warrenty. You WILL have the car in the shop constantly. Perhaps you're not having to pay, but the annoyance is still there. I ended up buying "semi" private from "Don's Autos" out arthur st near 25th side road. It was his wifes car, but he is TECHNICALLY a car lot so i still had to pay both taxes. (privately you do not, only 7%) and walked away with a 2003 Mazda Protege LX 4 door fully loaded 68K on it for 12,890$ taxes in. and i LOVE MY CAR. i was looking for what you were looking for, plus space for my two med/largish sized dogs. Just a bit of advice, look privately or look mazda/honda/toyota. i wouldn't touch a kia.


September 7 2006, 02:50:06 UTC 10 years ago

my parents and all of my friends all went through ucs, I was there looking at a car for awhile, but decided on something at KIA instead, they treated me really good. Also younger single woman...but I'm a pushy choosy *shrug*
What did you decide on exactly?

I'm just looking for something that looks ok (not terribly ugly), is fully loaded and has a good heater mainly. Year doesn't matter too much, but probably something relatively new (1999 or newer I suppose).
That Accent looked good. I was thinking of buying it. I'm glad I didn't.
oh and just an add on, Kia's are not your best fuel economy, Toyotas are. My mazda gets 250km or so per half tank and a tank right now is around 40-50$ depending on gas prices. Thats about 80% city driving to. i did ALOT of research for about 3 months before finally buying.
just trying to be helpful and tell him, that not EVERYONE enjoys one certain place. it pays to look around.