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mattcanning's Journal

Matt Canning
21 December
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For info about me, go to www.mattcanning.com

"The longer I live, the more I know. The more I know, the more I know I don't know." - Matthew Spackman

I have currently completed my degree requirements at Lakehead University, majoring in Pure Mathematics (BA), Psychology (H.BSc) and Geography (Minor). However, I am done with school, save completing my requirements for an Environmental Management Certificate. I have one half credit course required for the certificate (Environmental Policy), which will be completed by December 2005.

I am 5'9 and 185 pounds and I make money through e-commerce. I can quite happily state that I have HTML programmed my way into lifetime unemployment. It's amazing, and in every possible sense, a dream come true. My website is called BodybuildingPro.com - The site currently gets thousands of visitors a day. My goal is to make it the #1 site of its kind and make so much money off it I'm calculating my dollars by the minute! Every dime I make will make my existence and that of my future family all the more comfortable. Sharing what I have with others and making the quality of lives of those around me a little bit better matters a lot to me.

I've learned that succeeding in the business world depends as much or more on mentality than anything else. Believe you are the best, because you are. If you don't believe it - fake it. ;-)

Did my success happen by accident? Sort of. I didn't intend to make money off the internet - it was strictly a hobby to begin with. Making a user friendly, efficiently designed website was not an accident though - it's just that the financial success of it was unexpected and therefore somewhat accidental.

It's pretty safe to say I'll never have to work at a real job for anyone for another minute of my life. :-)

That having been said, I like to workout and read about philosophy, psychology, and fitness.

I am an agnostic and want to see religious tolerance wherever I go - but I don't tolerate intolerance so fundamentalists do bother me.

I get everything I want in life all the time so there is no frustration or stress to speak of. Anything I want, I get. For 20 years of my life the exact opposite was true and existence was pretty depressing. :-( It would be the truth if I said I'm lucky to still be here today. Then when I entered university, things started looking up and kept getting better and better. It's taken me some time to adjust to getting the polar opposite of what I once did, but I'm doing ok. :-)

If you catch me showing signs of frustration - I owe you lunch.

If someone told you the nice guy finishes last - they lied.

Matt Canning's Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (H.BSc) in Psychology

Matt Canning's Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Mathematics